German Cockroach


German cockroach; (Blattella germanica)


German cockroach produce an egg purse containing several eggs called an ootheca. They also have an incomplete metamorphosis (egg – Nymph – Adult). This classifies them by this means and put them into the order Cockroach and Mantids.

  • German cockroach produce around 6 capsules at monthly intervals with 36 – 40 nymphs in an ootheca, hatching time is between 2.5 – 4 weeks.

  • Nymphs with go through several sheds until they reach sexual maturity which is heat dependant meaning the hotter the environment the quicker the growth, Adult lifespan is up to 8 months.

  • There colour is light brown with dark stripes on their thorax (Pronotum).

  • Although they are not a true flying insect they can fly if the temperature is hot enough.

  • Female have a short external wing (Exopterygota)covering ¾ the length of their body where males have wings covering the length of their body.

  • Cockroach are omnivorous and will eat newly emerging nymphal cockroach from the ootheca.

  • Areas of habitat; Bathrooms, Kitchens and boilers are the preferred areas of infestation, however they also go into washing machines, dish washers electric sockets and conduits.

  • Control measures carried out currently using insecticide gel causing a cascading effect, this means after a cockroach has died it becomes food for others and so on working around 5 times exponentially.

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