Red Fox

The Northern Mole; (Talpa europea)


Moles are up to 15 cm in length and have dense grey black hair which grows outward from their body allowing easy movement both forward and backwards.

  • With oversized front limbs it makes it easy for them to dig through the earth.

  • With poor vision but a very strong sense of smell and hearing moles can pick up faint smells and noises in their tunnels form prey species.

  • Moles are solitary creatures only coming together during the breeding season.

  • Moles are a particular enemy of the gardener as they consume earth worms and excavate soil above ground creating an earth mound spoiling the appearance of a nice manicured lawn.

  • Moles pose a particular problem to equestrienne animals potential holes in the ground have been known to break horse’s legs extreme though it is.

  • Snap trap are placed into the mole run and prove effective in control.

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